I’m trying to use this example and it doesn’t seem to be working. Specifically, it doesn’t seem to find the lambda functions at /.netlify/functions/

Does anybody know what could have changed?


hi there, what is the netlify site name you are actually deploying to?

Do you have a build and deploy log to share? that would also be helpful to make sure things are getting built correctly.

To be clear, this isn’t my project, it is a part of netlify’s github and referenced in the docs. If you clone it, yarn install, and yarn start you can see what I am talking about but basically the xhr request isn’t finding anything at that endpoint when you click the buttons. I have the same issue in my own project, but it’s private. Plus, because this repo is referenced in the docs it makes sense to fix it here so that others don’t run into the same issue.

Hey @pschreibs, thanks for the report. I just tried clicking the “Deploy to Netlify” button from the repo and the example seems to be working as expected for me here:

Did you run into this when building from scratch? And could you share a Netlify URL so we can check out the logs and see what you’re seeing?