Meet Netlify: Luke

Hello, everyone!

I am motivated by helping people (individuals, groups, organizations) to achieve their goals (typically technical goals). My pronouns are he/him.

Most of my career has been in technical support roles and with a dash developer experience here and there. My support experience includes positions ranging from from traditional office IT support to supporting application performance monitoring software for enterprise customers with large and complex infrastructure.

My preference is to work on “backend” systems/development. I am much happier interacting with API’s, networking, and operating systems than I am creating user interfaces. For example, I would rather examine HTTP headers and tcpdump output than to debug CSS/javascript.

I am lucky to be father to three wonderful children (one now an adult) and I am married to an amazing person - Jennifer. I’m highly talkative but I rarely say anything important. In my spare time, I rest. :slight_smile: