Meet Netlify: Gerald “futuregerald” Onyango


I’m Gerald, and I work as a Support Developer on Team Support here at Netlify. I love helping people (surprise!), building communities, coding awesome stuff (and sometimes boring stuff), and JAMstack (is it cliche for me to say that?). My pronouns are he/him.

I’ve worked at Netlify since June of 2017, and it’s been an amazing journey so far! I :heart: the people I work with, and the product that we’re building. I’m co-organizer of the JAMstack_nyc meetup, where we have a great group of new and old developers. If you’re reading this and in the area, let me know. We would love to have you.

I was born in Kenya but spent most of my life growing up in the Bronx in NYC. I currently live in NJ with my wife and two kids (my world). When I’m not doing Netlify/JAMstack stuff, I’m probably taking these kids to one of their many events. :smile:

I nerd out on everything. I’m an avid reader; please find me on Goodreads. I 3D print stuff for fun, enjoy going to the gym (but I don’t go near enough), and watch anime. I enjoy being outside, and taking an easy jog in spring or fall while listening to a tech podcast is the way I love to start my mornings. I firmly believe life is about the connections we make with other people, and strongly value those around me. Making a new friend lights up my day.

My focus on the support team is split between providing direct support to our users and building internal tooling, both frontend, and backend in JS, Ruby, and Go. I enjoy a good chat so feel free to reach out!


Hi @futuregerald!

Just noticed you had replied to my first post here in the community, but only after I deleted it (my way of “closing” this issue)! So sorry! It was this post.

So can’t see what you posted. In any case, it’s working now! I was testing with a GraphQL Playground and had forgotten to add an authorization header inside the HTTP HEADERS portion of the playground! (oops!)

Thanks again!

Hi, @heymartinadams, thanks for closing the loop and sharing the solution you found.

I’m replying only because Gerald is now in a full-time developer role here at Netlify (no longer in a support role) so he might not see this right away. Congratulations on the promotion, @futuregerald! :wink: :+1: :100: :smiley:

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