Excited to be here

Super excited to be here! I get so much requests from everyday people about getting started with programming. I do not want to leave them in the Isle of legacy technologies so it was wise to get up and running on Jamstack related contents. With a surge in the need for better developers and quality resources, it would be great to see how the Netlify Community promotes Jamstack across various markets. :sunglasses:

What are you working on?

Hi @davidconoh :wave:t6: ,

Great discussion starter and welcome to the forums! My personal project iā€™m building is a gatsby site that provides information to undergraduate students. Iā€™m hoping to gain a better programming background. Do you have any resources you recommend to me and other newbie community members for learning?

Hi @SamO :+1:t4:,

Traditionally we would have a blend of Meetups across the world with new and engaging resources from the community or you could follow up yourself with the content at Jamstack Explorers. I hope someone on the forum knows a thing or two about how Meetups work.