Meet Netlify: Phil Hawksworth

Hi :wave:

I’m Phil. I work in the DevRel team here at Netlify from merry ol’ England. My pronouns are he/him.

I joined Netlify in December 2017 after being a loooong time cheerleader of the company and of the JAMstack approach to developing for the web. You can see my excitement in my post about joining Netlify on my blog.

I spend a lot of time experimenting with what the Netlify platform can do. Building proof of concepts and writing blog posts. You can also find me at various conferences talking about JAMstack, Netlify, and various web development topics.

I’m reasonably active on twitter and often answer questions there, although I’d rather start answering question here in this community, so that more people can join and find those conversations.

When I’m not working, I love to travel (although this makes me miss our cats horribly) and I’m an enthusiastic (which should not be confused with accomplished) amateur comedian.

You can find me: