Meet Netlify: Chris "fool" McCraw

Hi folks!

I lead Netlify’s Support team (which encompasses Community, though @perry is the head of Community), and I love to help. So my job is a pretty good fit for me :wink: . My pronouns are he/him.

I’ve worked at Netlify for 2.5 years as of this writing (Feb 2019), and I’ll allow my bias to show: I think our platform and our customer service is pretty awesome. We have a team composed of amazing employees, more of whom I hope you’ll meet in other threads here, at meetups, and on the internet.

So what do I do when I’m not working? I live with my girlfriend and our two cats in Portland, OR, and I love bicycling (social, touring, mountain), beer, volunteering, and in general Doing Things.

I’m a sometime geek, Luddite, artist, idiot savant, philanthropist, clown, idealist, author, amnesiac, endurance racer, student, teacher, artist, lover, and participant. I try not to be a consumer, observer, reactionary, rageaholic, obsessive-compulsive, liar, hater, or annoyance. I’m usually happy and busy and interested.

While I’m a general product expert around all of Netlify’s service, I am not a developer and don’t know javascript in depth. I am however a Unix and network nerd, so you’ll find me answering your build questions and your questions about the CDN :wink: