Maximum number of Custom domains

What is the maximum number of custom domains aliases that I can add to a site.

I’m planning to have at least 1000 of them, is it realistic?

hey @stephen.zambaux, if you are thinking 1000 apex domains (so,, etc) then that won’t work - we have a hard limit at around ~90 that can point to one netlify site.

If you are thinking about utilizing subdomains, so, something like:, then the rules are a bit different.

Can you give us some more information about your use case so we can better advise you or can connect you to someone who can?

We have a sas product that we want to be accessible on our customers domain.

It’s a payment solution to buy special deal.

Exemple I’m, I would like to use coupon deal, so they want to be

So we would like to add as alias to coupon

Don’t know if it’s clear

That’s perfectly clear, thanks!

You’ll not be able to add that many hostnames to a single netlify site, so your options are:

  1. create several identical sites and apply 90 hostnames to each. It is allowed and normal to connect several netlify sites to a single repo at your git provider or deploy several copies of the same content from other sources to create identical sites on our side.
  2. create several sites that are just redirects for each of 90 domains (/* 301!. This isn’t as pretty but will cost you less in build minutes if you update your site a lot
  3. use some other service. This is going to be a support NIGHTMARE for you, since YOU will have to provide tech support to all of your customers in their DNS config. Judging from past experience with other customers who’ve used this pattern for years, you’ll get good at providing that tech support, but it will be a lot of work on your part. I don’t know of another service that is better for it, but I know ours is not optimal with the required good DNS config for SSL to work and the requirement that SSL work on a hostname to serve files via it.

If you do stay here, we’d recommend you upgrade to a paying account. We’ll have to teach you a lot about SSL and DNS if you are going to make this work (with domain names provided by your customers, anyway), and we won’t be able to do that for a free customer.

I’ve currently hit the maximum for custom domains.

You mentioned that the rules are different for subdomains. Can you point me to those limits? I have the need to create a large number of subdomains.

See this post

It looks like as long as your subdomains follow this pattern: …

then there is no limit to the amount of subdomains.

Hope this clears things up for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, but it does not clear things up for me.

I want 1 single deploy. Not branches or forks. Is there a way to do this?

so, just to clarify, you want your main deploy to also be reachable via subdomains?
so, all to be serving the same? just making sure so we can advise you properly.

Correct. I’m looking to give each user (hundreds) a subdomain all pointing to the same deployment.

I don’t think AWS has a hard limit here. I’ll check that out. Thanks for your help, everyone.

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To close the loop for others who find this thread, we do have a feature that enables this that requires a pro or higher team and has some other caveats and prerequisites, which we shared with @phishy in the helpdesk and will be happy to talk through with you as well should you have a similar use case.

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hi @fool i’m interested in the same use case,
one project with many subdomain and i want to build an interface for let user add their custom domain and some configuration,
i prefer one project because is more easy to manage in case i have to update the project every user is updated, instead of doing for each site

hi @ntoledo - do you have a Pro account or above? Or, we can look it up for you if you tell us a API ID (safe to share) or netlify site name.

Hi. We just got the following message. It looks like we hit a limit of 100 domain aliases as described above. Have just upgraded to Pro, but it doesn’t work. What else can we do?

Hi, @brendanc. I see we have replied to you via the helpdesk ticket.

Please reply there is there are any other questions. However, if you don’t see our email for ticket # 93872, then please do reply here to let us know.

I also wanted to mention for others reading this that the limitation itself is specific to the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Those certificates are limited to 100 domain names per certificate:

It isn’t a “rate limit” but the limitation is listed on that page, quoted below:

You can combine multiple hostnames into a single certificate, up to a limit of 100 Names per Certificate . For performance and reliability reasons, it’s better to use fewer names per certificate whenever you can. A certificate with multiple names is often called a SAN certificate, or sometimes a UCC certificate.

There is a wildcard subdomains feature at Netlify which can be used to add more that 100 names to a site, provided you use Netlify DNS or if you get a third-party SSL certificate what includes a wildcard. This wildcard subdomains feature is only available on Pro or higher plan types. If you are interested in this wildcard subdomain feature, please open a helpdesk ticket to inquire about it.

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