How many custom domains can you connect?

Hi all,

I’m wondering how many custom domains you can connect to an app. I’m looking to use this feature to enable users of my application to connect their domain to my application, but am wondering if this would be seen as an abuse of the Netlify custom domain feature?


Practical limit is around 50 per site, but no limits on any tier as to how many you can have in total across all of your sites. You can of course have multiple sites serving the same site with a different list of names. It’s proven challenging for other customers who use this pattern to troubleshoot their customers’ DNS configuration to be sure there are no wrong settings that prevent SSL from being autoconfigured, so be aware of the fact that you’ll likely be playing tech support to those customers unless you manage their dns (using a pattern such as, where you can handle DNS instead of them).

If you’ll use the second method, we do have a feature (for Pro accounts and higher) that lets you configure a site as something like and we can configure to be served by the same site.