How many custom domains can I add to a site?

Hi everyone,

I am experimenting a few builds with netlify, and I am curious if there is a limit on how many custom domains can I add to a netlify site.



Hey @vicary, I don’t know of a limit! Certainly not in the dozens. If you’re trying to add hundreds or thousands, though, I imagine that may be an issue… but then again, maybe not! How many are you thinking?

Hi @jen - I’m curious if you are aware of any limits since you posted this? We are looking for a service that either doesn’t limit, or has a high limit (1k or more). Thanks!

hey @jesseschutt - you are thinking of apex domains:

or subdomains?

Hi Perry - I’m specifically referring to apex domains.

Hi, @jesseschutt. There is one key limit to consider - the limit of 100 names to a single Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate:

Quoting the page above:

If you have a lot of subdomains, you may want to combine them into a single certificate, up to a limit of 100 Names per Certificate .

If you are using our automatic SSL via Let’s Encrypt, then do keep this limitation in mind. If you want to go beyond 100 unique domains for a site, using the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates won’t be possible.

Now, if the custom domains are subdomains (,,, etc.), then you can get around this limit using wildcard certificates (using * to cover all subdomains with a single certificate). However, if you are talking about 100+ unique apex domains, that workaround won’t be applicable.

If you want to have 100+ apex domains linked to a single site, one workaround which will work would be to duplicate the site.

Each site would have 100 apex domains associated and its own SSL certificate for only the domains linked to it. If you want to have 1000 apex domains, you would make 10 sites, each with 100 of the domains.

This isn’t ideal because now if you want to update the site, you need to do two (or more - like ten in the example above) site deploys not one. This would increase the build minutes used if you are building at Netlify but it does work around the SSL certificate limit of 100 names per certificate.