Adding nearly 100 domain aliases, rate limits and other things I should worry about?


We’re about to start the process of migrating nearly 100 existing websites into a single one-size-fits-all website on netlify while preserving the urls.
The main domain is registered through an external provider (no Netlify DNS) and the urls are going to be added as domain aliases.

We already added some test urls and it seems to work fine, but we’d like some more certainty that the migration will work flawlessly, specifically regarding the ssl certificate.

The documentation states there are rate limits when adding/renewing the certificate, but it’s not very clear what those limits are.
As you could understand, this is of impact of our migration plan, so can you tell me at what rate we can add those domain aliases and if there are any other things we need to worry about?

Hey @Rens,

The primary problem is that you’re not going to be able to add 100 domain aliases. Lets Encrypt would not allow more than 100 domains on a single certificate and thus, more than rate limits, this is what you need to worry about.

Regarding rate limits, if you send us a list of domains to add, we can add that in one command, so there won’t be rate limit issues as such, or if you add via the API, that should work too. But the other limit is what you should worry about.

If you can share more about your use case, I think we can share more insights. Maybe you need wildcard domains?

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