Domain limitation for free plan and potential bug

hello sir,
I am with free plan and I have added 101 domains for my default team for DNS resolution.
while, I found a potential bug, when I added the 101st domain, the first domain I added disappeared. Netlify App, seems this page can max display 100 domains and elder domains will be hidden(the dns is still functional), so I want to check if there is any limitation? and is it a bug? thank you.

hey there @uniqueone,

we think this is potentially linked to a limitations set by letsencrypt (there is part of this that is also maybe a bug in the UI, but that is a secondary problem).

we think that it might be likely that if you add more than 100 domain, the 101’th (or the 1st, not sure) will not have SSL.

can you check for us?

thank you perry,
I am adding domains under the DNS section actually, so I think it is not related to the SSL issue. if there is no limitation to adding domains under DNS, which is true from the fact that even the first domain is hidden/disappeared, the DNS resolution is correct and functional. So I think the most issue I here want to find out is why the UI only list LATEST 100 domains and all the elder domains will be hidden. PS, the list is ranked by added time, FYI.
thank you perry for the help and I wish you have a nice day.
BR, Jeff

It is, to some extent. We’re not refusing that it’s a bug, and we’ve already let the concerned team know, but it’s important for you to know that adding more than 100 domains would not work. Netlify simply won’t be able to provision the SSL and your site won’t work without SSL. So, there’s no point even if you add more than 100 domains.

thank you sir and please close this ticket.
have a nice day.