A limit for domain orders

I am trying to add a custom domain for a new project. After domain verification, I am getting the following error “You have reached a limit for domain orders. Please contact support for further assistance.”

hi there, that’s annoying! let me try and see if i can raise that limit. Can you tell me your netlify team slug, or the API ID or netlify site name of a site that belongs to your team? thanks.

Thanks! My team slug is “zeljkoobrenovic” (just a few of my personal projects). I managed to solve the problem by temporarily upgrading my subscription. But it would be good to see how to avoid or get more transparency about this limit in the future.

hi there, thank you. we didn’t forget, i am asking now to see if it is possible / how to resolve!

hi again, we were able to change your limit, so you should be able to add 20 more domains, should you need them.

Hi, I"m facing the same problem. How to resolve it?

By sharing your account slug or site name, so we can check.

Here’s my slug


Hey @askho , we’ve increased your domain limit by 5 as of now. Let us know if you need help with anything else!