You have reached a limit for domain orders


I’m trying to register a domain via Netlify and I get the error message “You have reached a limit for domain orders. Please contact support for further assistance.”

To date, I have registered two domains with Netlify- one of which was for a failed project, the domain of which I am letting expire. The other one is a fully launched and working website. I am not buying the domains to hoard, I’m actively building projects on them.

Would it be possible for me to purchase another domain via Netlify please?

Thank you!

Hello! Yep, it’s totally possible, we just need to manually increase that for you. Can you let me know your account slug so I can increase it? Do you think 10 domains will be enough?

Thank you! 10 domains should be enough, yes.

The slug name under “Team information” is “iosikokosi”.

If there’s anything else I should do, let me know!

This should be done. Please check.