Limit on Domain Order

Created a netlify account in May 2022, Logged in recently to host my first web project and I get the error “You have reached a limit for domain orders”. How do I resolve this issue please

Hi! Welcome to the forums :wave:t6: . Can you please share your site name or slug so i can look into this.

Because I haven’t been able to get a domain name, I haven’t hosted any websites. How can I locate the slug you mentioned?

We are trying to find your netlify account - mind linking to a page from it in our admin UI? Then we can probably find you and understand why your account has the limit, and potentially raise it.

Here is the name of my site - lustrous-salamander-ab1f17

site name - lustrous-salamander-ab1f17

Still no response from the support team

Yes, we do not promise any response time to non-enterprise customers, so please adjust your expectations to match that reality so you won’t be disappointed in the future. We may take days to respond to our customers not on paid plans, so you can henceforth account for that in your future needs - to ask far in advance of the due date if you have questions or need help.

I have updated your account to be able to purchase up to 5 domains. Let us know if you run into that limit and we can consider raising it again.