Netlify WildCard

Hello everyone! I’m quite new to this custom domains thing and I was wondering what the limit is in having multiple custom domains and how can I achieve this scenario:

I want to redirect user1 to their profile page. The same goes for user2 and so on…

I have read about wildcards and all but I believe it is locked behind a paywall. I’m only a college student aspiring to become a web developer so spending money out of the blue is out of the picture. I have been chatting with the AI (AskNetlify) for about half an hour now and so far, I have learned that IT IS possible but there is a limit of 500 projects and another netlify user also encountered the limit of 99 subdomains. Any advice from an actual human would definitely be much more helpful! Thank you very much!

Enabling wildcard for the same site is indeed a Pro feature.

You can either:

  • Create multiple sites from the same repo and connect a different domain to each of those individually. The limit for sites per account is 500 which could potentially be raised by contacting us.
  • OR create a single site and all domains to it. This has a limit of 99 domains due to Lets Encrypt limitations.