Is there a way to increase site sub-domains limit?

Hey, i just reached the limit of 99 sub-domains and we currently use the custom aliases to display different websites to clients, is there a way to increase this limit or any other workaround without having to create a new website for each one of them or create a new site every time we reach this limit ?

Also creating a new site to each one of them could reach the other maximum sites limit

howdy carlos,

can you tell me the team name or API ID (safe to share) of one of your sites? I’ll check and see if we can extend this for you.


API ID => 3b6aedc5-29d2-4542-9977-22211d39477a

thanks alot!

Hey Carlos! Perry pinged me about this and unfortunately that is a hard limit - not something that can be extended. You’ll need to stand up a second copy of the site, and add new names over there instead.

You are permitted (and our system works well) to link a second (or tenth) site to the same repository at GitHub, and configure builds identically (possibly using the netlify.toml config file to share common config across all sites that build from the repo: File-based configuration | Netlify Docs), and then your commits will cause both (or in the future, all) sites to update in parallel.

Let me know if you have any questions!