Subdomains limit


Im looking for provider, vercel has limit of 50 subdomains per account. Do you also have such limit? My project requires forking same repo for every customer, injecting json file with data and building their custom website, which will be visible under

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As far as I know, the PRO plan allows unlimited subdomains but I’m not sure about the free plan.

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hey @tohodakilla,

what pattern would those subdomains have? would it be something like:

or something different? if you can give us a bit more specific information i can let you know.

also, are you a Starter or Pro tier customer with us?

hey @perry

I’m looking for pattern like this:

In my project customers create their stores where they sell digital goods and/or online classes.
In perfect scenario, I have a project that is forked from github with customer name (ex customer1)
that is build and serverd from or if i specify

Thanks for help.

hi there, sorry to be slow to get back to you!

If the pattern looks like that, then there is basically no limit, just bear this in mind :+1: