Lost access to my Github/Email account now can't access my Netlify account


This week I performed a clean windows install and I lost access to my Google account which had all my passwords saved… I lost access to Github which is connected to my Netlify. So basically I locked out myself…

Is there any way I can get access to my Netlify? I can no longer deploy updates to my website if I don’t retrieve that account.

I will honestly upgrade to Pro if this is fixed.

Thank you!

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hi there yassin,

do you remember which email address you used to sign up for netlify? if you do, you can send yourself a password reset email. (this assumes you were able to get back into your email of course, but i sadly can’t help with that) :thinking:

if you can’t get back into your email and can’t send yourself a pw reset, let me know and i can see if we can get you back on track in a different way.

Hello, perry

Thanks for the quick response.

I do remember my Gmail but I don’t have access to it the password is too complicated auto-generated by chrome. so there is no way to remember it.

I wonder if there is any other way to prove ownership?


how frustrating, yassin! i have moved your inquiry to our helpdesk so you can chat with an account specialist. It may be a little bit (a few days) before we can resolve this with you, as we are currently pretty short staffed.

if you can find a way to resolve this on your own in the mean time, please let us know!

Thank you perry. A few days is fine with me as long as I get this solved.

Meanwhile, I’m also contacting Github support if anything change I will update this ticket.

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This week my laptop stopped working and I lost access to my gmail account which I had created and used for the netlify account. I’m completely locked out of the account. Is there a way to fix this problem? is there any other way to prove ownership?

Hi, @raheemrobinson895. If you can still access the email inbox for the team owner email address, you can add a password to login here:

If you completely lost access to the inbox, the workflow is to create a new team and to recreate the sites there. You can then link your Git repos to the new sites.

If you have custom domains link to the sites, they can be removed with the domain verification process below:

So, the two workflows are to either:

a) Change the password if you can still access the inbox.


b) Make a new team with new sites if you no longer can access the inbox.

​Please let us know if there are questions about either workflow.

I don’t remember the gmail password because the computer generated it so therefore I can’t send a reset password link to reset it for the netlify account. I’m completely locked out. Is there a way to get back into that account ? Is there a way to prove ownership of the account ?

For me, I had created a new account and then proceed to prove ownership of my custom domain linked to the old account using the links @luke linked above.