Issues with dottech domain setup

I have waited 24 hours and my custom domain doesn’t seem to have loaded at I put in the DNS settings into the control panel from my domain provider (dot tech) and it seems to be working when I use the dig command in terminal. Can someone help me?

Also my original website is

Hey @mgher,
It looks like your DNS is pointing at GitHub:

$ host has address <----- GitHub has address <----- GitHub has address <----- GitHub has address <----- GitHub

If you visit, you’ll find a GitHub 404.

I took a look at your site settings and you’ve opted in to using Netlify DNS for your DNS, in which case you’ll have to replace the GitHub nameservers with these at your domain registrar:

There are further instructions here:

If you’d rather keep DNS hosting at your registrar, you are more than welcome do that instead. Instructions for creating DNS records there that point to your Netlify site are here:

Let us know how else we can help :slight_smile:

So do I put those 4 links as A records? I already had NS records for those links

Yup, you’ll have to remove the ones that start with 185. and replace them with the Netlify ones I listed above. If you want to drop some screenshots of what you’re seeing at your registrar, we can try to see where the mixup might be happening.

Ok it seems to be working however when I go to it still shows github 404 page but when I do $ host it shows the netlify ip. Does it take time for the webpage to update?

No, but it can take time for DNS changes to propagate. Your site is loading for me now, so it appears that the propagation process is complete. If you still cannot visit your site, try cleaning your local browser and/or DNS cache.