I'm going to launch a collection with 15,000 nfts the background does the PRO suit me well?

I’m going to launch a collection with 15,000 nfts the background does the PRO suit me well?

@oozeias14 Netlify will request that you contact their sales team and discuss getting an Enterprise account.

You can see a discussion relating to it here:

Along with the end result of someone that did launch their NFT drop on a Pro plan:

I can save you some time though, if you can’t afford $2,000 USD a month, then you should host the project elsewhere.

In all cases, make sure you aren’t creating a situation that will put your hosting provider under excessive load or attack, and if you rack up a bill, pay it.

Thanks, Nathan - you said all the things our staff would have, except I’d point out that the price of the enterprise plan will vary based on your use case and that there is no “one price for all” there. That was Nathan’s price for his use case and if you want to successfully host a crypto-related site here, I’d suggest Nathan is hosting different content and probably has different needs than you, so talking with Sales regardless of what you can afford will serve you well in successful hosting of this type of content at Netlify.

@fool is right about this, my use case was specifically “getting a level of support for issues that could not be self-serviced faster than the 48 - 72 hour per-ticket we were experiencing from the support desk at the time”.

I only know of that price because the sales team didn’t clarify our use-case or expectations, they just fired back an exploratory number, presumably to gauge if we had deep pockets and were worth continuing discussions with.

If response time guarantees are something you’re looking for I am happy to set up some time to share more about our premium support offerings on our Enterprise plans starting at $2,000/month, annual agreements.

So to be perfectly clear, I don’t know how expensive Netlify’s Enterprise Plan quotes for NFT sites are!
They could much more, it’s possible $2,000 USD for support is their “cheap plan”.
I’ve seen others mention Enterprise Plan quotes that were higher.

However since Netlify didn’t provide any details along with the quote to me, and they don’t publish any public pricing guidance for their Enterprise Plan, it’s unfortunately the best that I have to go on.

@fool As you work for Netlify, feel free to provide some public pricing guidance as to what it might cost to host an NFT site with Netlify.

Can you provide more detail as to what talking to Sales would achieve if you cannot afford the asking price?

Can you provide more detail as to what talking to Sales would achieve if you cannot afford the asking price?

Sure! Our sales team has the capability to create custom pricing based on your needs and use case. I can’t speak to how they work or what the pricing is, since I do not know and there is no “one size fits all” pricing at that account level.

However, I think it is fair to say that an Enterprise plan would not be cheaper than a Pro or Business plan under any circumstances, and we do not recommend anything under Enterprise for an NFT or crypto site.

@fool I understand that speaking to sales is capable of “custom pricing” and that “enterprise pricing” is always going to be more expensive than a “Pro” or “Business” plan.

What I still can’t understand from your response, is how speaking to sales, to discover that the hidden “starting from” price of an Enterprise Plan could possibly benefit someone that can’t afford that price?

I understand that the price can be “custom” but, every indication that I’ve been given so far is that it would be custom at $2,000+, no public indication has been given that you would offer any “Enterprise” features at below that price point.

The language of Netlify posts always dances around it to ensure that people do speak to sales, so the potential opportunity isn’t lost, but I’ve seen no evidence of any price point between “Business” and $2,000.

What I was asking for wasn’t a general description, but an actual public indication of “starting price”.

Specifically this: