My site was disabled after an NFT launch on Pro

I feel sad that netlify does not complensate my 80$ when I has a loss of 1000$ due to netlify. I still have to pay the 80$ to cancel all my pro plan. :frowning:

@muneebzubairkhan This is an odd post.

Can you provide more detail as to what has occurred?

I can’t see how Netlify could be at fault, or why you should be compensated?

Netlify says on their website that it can handle dos attack but when the attack comes then netlify says we can not handle it.

@muneebzubairkhan How did you lose the $1,000? By accruing a large hosting cost?

It looks like you were dealing with an NFT drop, so you may want to read this related thread, and in particular this post:

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@muneebzubairkhan ,

i have an email conversation on record between you and our support team on April 19th and the days following where you admitted not once, not twice but three times that the issue was related to a NFT launch you organized, which, as you were advised, should not have happened on the standard network.

you received all relevant information and responded to it.

the statement you make above are categorically incorrect. Your site was the one causing downtime issues for others and was disabled as a result - end of story.

continue the conversation as requested in the helpdesk. this thread is now closed.