I own a domain but its already in use and registered?

I own the domain ‘seanodes.net’ however when i try to register i get this error:

is there a fix for this?

Please let me know! @support_staff
- SeaNodes Administration Team

Hey @SeaNodes_Hosting

First step is to follow this support guide to verify ownership of the domain

I know who did this and they are abusing this feature to stop us posting our website when they have just been fired @support_staff

fuck this ur too slow, im deleting this sh it unless u wanna be useful

Hey there, @SeaNodes_Hosting :wave:

Welcome to our Support Forums! We are a small team work to support millions of sites each day, and we address concerns as quickly as possible. Thanks for understanding.

As @coelmay stated, we need you to create a TXT record so that we can verify ownership and complete this for you. Should there be a reason you are unable to create a TXT record, please let us know.

Please reconsider your choice of language in the future @SeaNodes_Hosting.

Yet again it says our old employee has it linked to their account, meaning you need to unlink it from his account… We aint guna hack him for ya. Until u do that we cant do that… we have been trying

In order for Netlify to remove the domain from the other account, you need to first add the verified-for-netlify TXT record as per this Support Guide (which I previously linked to)

done sorry it got so heated btw, im under lots of pressure from my boss and snapped

The domain has been removed from the other site.