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I got charged for no reason

Site: https://mystifying-lamarr-967a5e.netlify.app/

Hello, I was charged 10$ for an extra team member for no reason. I had removed the team member long before the billing cycle and I even deleted the account associated to that site. The new account associated with my email also has no extra team members. So why was I charged? Id like a refund immediately, this is extremely nonsensical and I am unhappy with the netlify team.

@usmanaaa I’m guessing that the act of adding the team member trigger the charge, otherwise, you could add team members all month and then delete them before the end of the billing cycle and never be charged for it. At any rate, your site seems now to be suspended, so perhaps there are other issues, too?


Ur right. I had a team member added. I paid 10$ for it. Fast forward a couple days, I deleted them as well as my account (that’s why the site is not working) BEFORE the next billing cycle started. I’m still being charged 10$. Why am I being charged 10$ when I have no team members and if my whole account is deleted? This makes absolutely no sense at all @gregraven.

If you have a paid plan, this is something to discuss with the support team. Otherwise I’m happy to move this to the relevant #admin category and escalate this to a support engineer.

Like @gregraven said, the site seems to be suspended now so I suspect there might me some underlying issues. Also, please remember we are voluntary support pilots and are only trying to help.

I’ll escalate this for you now.


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Hi, @usmanaaa. You were not billed before June 19th. That is the first and only time you were billed by Netlify and the charge was for the prorated time the additional team member was added to the team.

To summarize, you were only charged once and that charge is correct.

I see you also created a support ticket about this. We have already replied to that ticket (# 59695). If there are other questions, please reply to either this topic or the ticket - whichever you prefer.

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