How do i get my dapp page verified


I just deployed my dapp from my terminal to my domain, How do I get it verified? Do I do it on the godaddy end where I got the domain? Or would it be on the netlify side of things? On netlify side getting: SSL/TLS certificate

Waiting on DNS propagation

We’ll provision your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically once the DNS configuration for your custom domain is pointing to our servers and the changes have propagated.

A bit confused.


Hey @lilispnaxx points to but does not point to Netlify. As specified in the Configure an apex domain you need to create either

  • An ALIAS , ANAME , or flattened CNAME record pointed at: OR
  • An A record pointed at Netlify’s load balancer IP address: 75.2.60.

Please also read over the follow post from @perry regarding NFT apps on Netlify

You might also like to read this post from @luke too as it add further information to that of Perry’s post.

Hi Coelmay and All,

Thank you for your swift response. I’ve gotten it the DNS stuff configured with nameservers.

Regarding purchasing a plan for our launch, would you say that a Pro plan would suffice? I’m happy to pay for an account with Netlify as I love their services.



The appropriate plan for your app is something I am unable to offer advice on.

who would be the appropriate person to talk to about that?

As mentioned in the post from @perry, the Netlify Sales team are the best people to talk with

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