Getting error "unable to create subscription code: 53000020 - Account is not activated" when trying to enable pro trial/upgrade

Trying to post this again now because my first post was frustratingly hidden. I am unable to upgrade or enable the pro trial subscription on our account. Getting unable to create subscription: [{:code=>53000020, :message=>"Account is not activated."}] when attempting to do so. It appears others are having this issue as well with no clear resolution provided by Netlify. Someone please advise on how to get this fixed. And please don’t “hide” my posts anymore.

Hey there, @Jarrod_Petrovics :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry your post was hidden – we use a spam filtering system and sometimes it accidentally flags the wrong posts. Now that I have approved you, you shouldn’t have difficulties asking any questions in the future.

I have shared your obstacle with our Support Engineers who are looking into it. We will follow up here as soon as we have more information.

Thank you Hillary. I appreciate it.

Sorry about the trouble, @Jarrod_Petrovics ! I’ve made a change on our side that should unblock you. Would you mind trying that upgrade one more time? Please let us know how it goes. Thank you.