Getting an error " or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team."

netlify app:
custom domain:
error when attempting to add a custom domain: “ or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.”

I am trying to add a custom domain to my site I am getting this above mentioned error. I have referred to this answer [Support Guide] "another site is using this domain" Verifying domain ownership for Netlify production domain. It says to create a new topic and share the domain and site name. Hence I am starting this topic.

Awesome! Do you know who owns this domain? If so please reach out to the user to transfer ownership to you. If not you will need to verify using a TXT record. Please confirm this is done.

  1. Go to do your domain host (Bluehost, Gandi, Google, etc.)
  2. Add a TXT record with the following characteristics:
  • Name: verified-for-netlify (some DNS hosts will want the dot at the end, so try creating the record both with and without it if the first attempt doesn’t work)
  • TTL: default
  • Text/Value: link to your public post or case number if we’re helping you in our helpdesk
  1. In the thread or ticket where we asked for this record, tell us you’ve done it so we know we can move for
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I have completed the steps mentioned above, on my GoDaddy domain “”. Please let me know the further steps. Thank you for your co-operation.

Hi @devrajshetake,

The domain has been removed from the other account.

Hi @hrishikesh,
Thank you for your help. But I am still getting the error “name has a conflicting custom domain in another account”, while setting up Netlify DNS. I have attached the screenshot below. Please help me with this issue.

It appears there are various other domains in other accounts causing issues: -> your account

^ above 4 in the same account separate from your account -> in a different account altogether

All the domains and subdomains needs to exist in the same account. Please let us know how to proceed.

Can you remove the mapping, as I am unaware on which account it is deployed to? And will deleting the other 4 deployed sites solve my problem?

Hey @hrishikesh,
can you please look into this?

You don’t need to delete those, just that all the domains need to exist in the same account. So either move all the 4 domains to the account you’re trying to add in, or add in the account where the other 4 domains are.

But if you don’t need those sites, feel free to remove those.

I’ve removed from Netlify.

Thank you for helping my issue has been resolved.

thank you for coming back and letting us know! @devrajshetake