Gatsby Cloud & Netliy Integration

I feel stupid for not knowing how to fix this but I’m not able to create a new deployment site via Gatsby Cloud when trying to integrate with my existing project. The “Create” button is greyed out and will not let me pass go. Any suggestions?

Hmmm… I tried to deploy a site this way too and also got the grey button with some errors in the console. Since authentication seems to work and they’re correctly pulling my existing Netlify projects in, and since it’s before another API call has been made to Netlify (so, no chance to “grey out” on error), this might be a bug on the Gatsby Cloud end? I might check out their issues and see if anyone has filed anything yet:

If you want to deploy a Gatsby starter template to Netlify, you could also try going this route (just click the “Deploy to Netlify” button):

Let us know if that works for you, seems like kind of an important website :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help! lol yes, my “client” is nagging me to get it done before she uses a CMS and does it herself. :laughing:

I’ll check out gatsby issues. Thanks again!

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Update: literally didn’t do anything and now I am able to create a deploy to Netlify via Gatsby Cloud Integration. :man_shrugging:

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super strange! glad it works now. :+1: