Gatsby Starter Blog

Hi! I am going through the starter blog tutorial for the Gatsby Starter for Contentful blog and I am running into some issues with deploying the site in the terminal. It keeps giving me error messages and then times out. I would appreciate it if someone were able to help me out in figuring out what that problem is. Thanks!

hey there,

are you having the issues when you are trying to build the site locally, or when you start deploying your local copy to netlify?

If its the latter, can you link us to or post your deploy log please so we can take a closer look?

I think the problem is when I start deploying my local copy to netlify because I got to the point where it told me my site was create along with the URL and everything but once I tried deploying it, it wasn’t working. Here is a screenshot of the message I got from my terminal if that is helpful.

hi, thanks. we do need the full build log to be able to debug. You can find it in the deploys section of your Netlify Dashboard.