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Gatsby site not deploying

Hi when I try to deploy this gatsby site, it doesnt deploy and I get an an error, here is the build log

Please help, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey there, @PatN123 :wave:

Can you please share your repo as well as your package.json with us? This will allow us to look into this further. Thank you!

Hey Hillary!

I have changed the repository to public: PatelN123/New-full-site (github.com)

This is a site that I got from a template, as I want to start learning gatsby.

Hope this helps

hi there, this is the cause of your woes:

1:21:00 PM: ​
1:21:00 PM:   Error message
1:21:00 PM:   Error: Could not load gatsby-config.js
1:21:00 PM:   Contentful spaceId and the access token need to be provided.
1:21:00 PM: ​

the right information isn’t there for contentful, so your app won’t build and errors out.

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