Sorry my ignorance

Hi and sorry, but I went to netlify and created a starter Gatsby site and all is fine. I have installed all tools and stuff and have been going through the Gasby tutorial and have got to the bit where I should download using Git the starter

gatsby new hello-world

But I already have a site so how do I pull this so I can work on it locally then after changes push it to Git?

Sorry n00b. Once i have done this I can possible work thrrough the Tut. Or would it be best that I just git this Tut and carry on until I know what I am doing?


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Hi @jonnyfartpants and welcome ! :wave:

Consider using the github desktop app, it works fine.

I havent got any problems with using Github command just really need to understand how to get the site I already have and make local changes and then push it back

Its basic Github ignorance and TBH I will probably use linux in the long run. I mean where is the github url for my site in netify and how do I grab it?

Thanks very much


How did you create your Gatsby starter site? If you used the one-click install, then the files should appear in your GitHub account. Clone that repo to your local computer from GitHub (either using the website or GitHub Desktop or even the command line) and you’ll have the files.

It appears you already have Gatsby install on your local computer, so you should then be able to cd to the directory containing the files you cloned, invoke Gatsby, and work locally.

Then, when you update your GitHub repository, your site as it appears on Netlify should be updated shortly afterward.


Thanks for that, I eventually worked it out using the command line. However, when i was going through the gatsby tutorial it suggests using surge, which I have done and published :slight_smile:

So I assume that Netlify and Surge are similar?? Static content publishers?

Lots to learn - sorry

Very similar GitHub related problems but with using Hugo here: How to get started on Hugo netlify?

Maybe we get lucky and someone will write a brief very basic tutorial for us :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jonnyfartpants Absolutely, Surge and Netlify are both static site publishers but Surge is command line only (if I remember right). And don’t be sorry, we’re all here to learn :slight_smile:

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