Free Accounts... may I create one each for two distinct custom domains?


I have 2 websites I would like to port to Netlify.
Similar but distinct content. … think of one as about high-school and the other about college.
Those are not actual topics but just an analogy.
Reading the community threads, correctly or incorrectly it looks like it might be easier for me to see for example data usage if I create two separate accounts.
My ambition is that my traffic grows such that I need the paid service.

OK, finally my question: would it be gaming the system if I started with a free account for each of the 2 sites or is that ok?

hi @HostingUser - you can have multiple sites under one Netlify account, and each of those sites will have a specific netlify domain that you can point a custom domain at that you can purchase through netlify or through a different registrar, not a problem.

So unless there is a specific reason why you would need two accounts, it shouldn’t be necessary to accomplish what you are trying to do :slight_smile: