Custom domain for specific URL

How is it possible to set a custom domain for a specific url. So currently a site is hosted on jade-marigold-2b48fb under a specific URL say https:// jade-marigold-2b48fb/wall/abc then I’d like to set custom domain as which would be directed to the specific URL in the jade marigold site say https:// jade-marigold-2b48fb/wall/abc

How could this be done for multiple URLs as separate custom domains?

Hi, @Goutham, Welcome to the forums! :wave:t6: We are so glad you are here. To set up a custom domain follow the instructions here.

[Support Guide] How to set up Netlify DNS on a domain alias

Please let me know if this works for you!

Oh so the use case is that I’m looking to setup custom domains for specific wall URLs of my own customers programmatically but the one shown here does for only one right?

The use case is that for eg. Customer A signs up and makes a URL display under a domain while Customer B signs up & makes a URL display under domain

So how can this be done via our backend to Netlify APIs?

There’s no good way to achieve what you need. For completely arbitrary domain names, I’d recommend creating a new Netlify site, attach the domain, and make a deploy with the following _redirects file in it:

/ 200!

You can connect domain to that site and so on.

You can also do all of this in a single site, but you’d have to add a new redirect for each and every configuration.

Both these methods have their own limits though. A single site cannot have more than 100 domains (primary + domain alias included) and you cannot have more than 500 sites in an account until you talk with sales. So choose accordingly. You can probably attach 100 domains to 500 sites to get this done, but it will soon be unmanageable this way.