Custom Netlify Subdomain

I think I’ve read all of the support forums and Netlify doc’s on the subject and am still stuck on setting up a custom netlify subdomain. The DNS records for the primary domain are not with Netlify, but with another registrar. All I want to do is include a custom CNAME record, that points to my Netlify generated URL. I can’t adjust the A records because I need them pointing to the current address.

I’ve added the domain to Netlify and currently see the ‘Check DNS config’ warning.

Hey there, @mspangler :wave:

DNS can be tricky! Sorry to hear you have gotten stuck. Can you let us know what you have tried so far that hasn’t worked?

To point a subdomain to your site on Netlify, you must create a CNAME record with your DNS provider, as referenced here in our docs!


I have the CNAME record on my current registrar (GD); I’ve used the “name” field with what I want to call it, and have the data field pointing to the Netlify site:

So the full URL would be:

Hi @mspangler,

I believe we’ve made the configuration that you need.


Thank you - that did the trick. If I want to do something like this again in the future, is there a better way?

Yes. I don’t know why you had added the apex domain instead of the subdomain that you wanted to add. In future, you should simply add the exact domain that you need, if you need then do not enter, you can directly use as long as you configure the DNS correctly.