Pointing subdomain to Netlify app when the primary domain is pointing to another Netlify app

I’m trying to point a subdomain like newApp.domain.com to an app hosted on Netlify while domain.com is already registered to another Netlify app.

I am using Netlify DNS.

I’ve seen some articles in here that solve this issue, but alas the post history is the dreaded “I solved it, thanks” …without the solution readily visible.

So how could this be possible? I’ve tried adding a domain to the app as myApp.domain.com, however, this of course tells me that the domain is already registered & to try another.

I’ve tried adding a CNAME to the slug.netlify.app & gave it about 48 hours to propagate, but that didn’t work either. Any ideas?

Hi @CodeSpent

If you are using Netlify DNS for example.com, and wish to use test.example.com on another site, start by adding it (test.example.com) as a custom domain to the site, not by adding a CNAME. This will create a NETLIFY record for the subdomain e.g.