Form submissions working for <email_1> but not <email_2>

I have a form at with two notifications, one to an address and another I’m receiving notifications at the first one but not the second. The second address is able to send and receive mail normally, so I don’t know why notifications would not be going through. Confirmed that they’re not going to spam.

Hey @CoralineAda,
That is very strange! I just tested setting up notifications to two different addresses on submission to the same form, and it seemed to work for me. I also checked our logs for the most recent notification sent to and see that there was a submission created_at => 2020-09-04 14:49:46 UTC and body => "[truncated]test 3" with status 200. Does that look like your most recent submission? If so, any chance there are some other inboxes the notification may be going to- “Social” or “Promotions” for Gmail, not sure what inboxes other providers may set up?

I set up a forwarding alias on that forwards to gmail and accounts. Then set that alias as the form notification target. No emails. Works with and addresses but not addresses.

You should be able to check the test message associated with that account.

I’m suspecting some filtering on your side maybe? Are there blocked domains?

It’s a DNS DMARC issue, nothing to do with netlify. Sorry!

No worries, thanks for coming back to report the root cause- we always appreciate that!