Form notification is not sent to all mail addresses that I've set up

Hey there,
I‘ve created a website with forms integrated connected to Netlify forms.
I set up notifications to the mail address of my client as he wants to receive the contact requests in his inbox.
Now he is complaining the forms are not working because he is not receiving the notifications in his inbox.
As we are in the testing phase, I set up notifications to my mail address as well because I want to make sure everything is working properly.
And I am receiving the notifications in my inbox, so I would say everything works well from the website settings.

Does someone know how I can find out why I am receiving the submission notifications on my mail account and he does not?
In other Netlify forum requests I saw something about a hard bounce list…where can I check that and how could I edit that, if it’s listed there?

The domain is and on Netlify it’s effervescent-sawine-2c0508

Thank you in advance.

I’ve removed the second email from the hard bounce list. You should now receive notifications there as well.

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Thank you for your help!