Form notification issue


Regarding site: laughing-goodall-2abbd0 / custom domain is

I have read through other posts and I think my issue could be that my normal email that I login with, etc is on a hard bounce list. When I put that email in a form as the sender (to test the process), the form notifications never arrives. But if I use a different sender email, it arrives fine. BTW I’m using my same standard email as the notif receiving email and that part works fine. But it’s bounced before that I think when I use that same email as the sender for some reason. Can you please help? Thanks!

Hey Matt,

I don’t see any of the 3 email addresses here on our hardbounce/suppression list:

…but that wouldn’t cause anything to do with form submissions. However, our spam filtering software may have noticed repeat submissions from the same address and classified you as an attacker - so I’d suggest not using the same address to test and retest (if you use google’s mail, you can differentiate as, etc).

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