Form notification not received by all target email addresses

Hi everyone,

I am trying to debug an issue I’m having with a form: I have set up an outgoing notification to an email address that doesn’t seem to receive them (but another email does).

The website is at for the Netlify name but usually accessed from Scilabus.

This contact form is linked to several outgoing email notifications: c****** and v****** We only receive the email going to c****** and never the other.
I double-checked for typos in the configuration, I changed the order of the addresses just in case, I sent countless test emails from different sources to double-check that the emails work correctly, I checked the spam folder…
I am a bit out of options now and I was wondering if there was some lower-level information (notification logs) that could help me fix this issue.


Hi, @mvonthron. I did find the second email address on a “hard bounce” list which was the reason the emails were not being sent.

The email address has been removed now and future emails should be sent to this email address normally.

If there are other questions or if emails still are not sent to that email address, please let us know.

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Thank you so much @luke, that has worked beautifully!

We had a configuration change at the email provider and this address may have been unavailable for a short period of time, triggering a flag in your system.

All is well now, thanks again!

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