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Extend 15min max build time to 30min

I’d like to enable continuous deployment with the wordpress backend. I’m also looking into google cloud parallel image processing. It’s just the initial build too. I just need a bit more room to run that initial build and have the cache ready.

Hi @Noisy_Trumpet,

Sure. The build time limit has been bumped to 90 minutes for that website.

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Hi @perry !
Could you update the build time to 30 min, please?
For both:

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Sunrise,

It has been done.

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Hi @perry @hillary could you please bump our build timeout to 60 mins? The API ID is:

Thank you!

Hi @Propaganda3,

It has been upgraded.

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Hi there, could you please extend build time limit of our websites to 30min? API IDs are
71a83a54-a52e-466c-8341-d2b66d2c3bde and 2a92cc66-7701-469d-b110-34f35d824666. Thank you!

Hi @zhenhua.cao,

It has been done.

Hi @hrishikesh
Can you please extend the build time for sven-2bxr688? We have a credit card linked.

Thank you!

Hi @Ashu96,

That website doesn’t seem to exist. Is it the correct name?

Sorry for the confusion @hrishikesh
sven-2bxr688 is the account name. Site name is Webiny.

No problem, the build timeout has been bumped for the website.


Hi Can I have the build time for babycat.io (babycat-io) extended to 45 minutes?

Hi there, @jamesmishra :wave: thanks for reaching out. We have completed this for you!

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Hi @hillary Can you extend vibrant-euclid-a1cd82 to 45 min thanks!

@naeluh. It is done! vibrant-euclid-a1cd82 has a 45 minutes build time limit now.


Hi, could you extend our build time limit to 45 min for ecstatic-villani-e4af33 ? :pray:

Hi @rzek,

The time limit has been bumped to 45 mins.

Hello, can you please update the build minutes to 30 for the below apps?