Increase build time on v5-victoriadom

Could you please increase a build time for my website?

It cannot build because it exceeds time limit :c

Hi @victoriadom,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ve increased the build time limit to 30 minutes. Please let us know if that helps.

Hi @Melvin,
Could you please increase it even further?
I got this error message on recent build (netlify-cew4r60/builds/649c55c91f811d23a6d5cd1f):
Failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit

Hi @victoriadom :wave:t6: , thanks for reaching back out. I did bump you up to the max build time which is 1 hour(60 minutes).

I do urge you to think about optimising your build so you are not going over your allotted bandwidth and incurring charges, and of course it’s just nice for builds to be relatively quick. I provided a link below that should help if you choose to go this path.

Good luck and happy building! :partying_face:

Thanks @SamO and @Melvin!
The increased time is enough right know. The problem is that the website has so many images that preprocessing all of them takes time at first without cache. However I unfortunately have another problems.

When I try to build a website through Netlify I get an error:
[gatsby-plugin-image] Missing image prop.
Is it a problem because I use gatsby-image on SSR pages?

I tried to build it locally with netlify build from CLI and it did succeed, however when I deployed the page on hosting I got an 404 when I was trying to reach SSR Page:

Could you please help me with resolving the issues on Netlify? Is it Netlify or Gatsby related problem? I do have gatsby-netlify-plugin(s) installed on Netlify and in Gatsby.

Something has weirdly gone wrong with your site. I can see that, when requesting, we’re actually loading the deploy from April 25: Deploy details | Deploys | v5-victoriadom | Netlify instead of your current latest deploy: Deploy details | Deploys | v5-victoriadom | Netlify. Why? I haven’t figured that out yet. If you visit your latest deploy’s permalink: Nowe mieszkania na sprzedaż Warszawa => Victoria Dom (64a7df07e9acf300089b1696–, you’ll notice that the page loads fine.

You can try deploying your repo on a different site to see if the issue is resolved.