Need increase in site build time limit

Our site is a Gatsby+WordPress site that I’m trying to port over from Gatsby Cloud before our account is shut down on 10/11. I’ve ported over our smaller sites, but this one has 5600 pages and 4700 images.

Build times on Gatsby Cloud were regularly at or over 60 minutes.

I have been working on converting to use Gatsby Image CDN, which scares me because the documentation is scattered and out of date and does not instill confidence that this will be a solid solution. But I don’t see any other options. I have managed to get the build times down to right around 30 minutes, even slightly under, but so far they have all failed saying they did not build in the allotted time.

I think to be safe and realistic we need our build limit bumped up to 60 minutes for this site. I’m going to keep trying to bring it down, but unless I find some great new tricks, it’s not going to regularly build in under 30 minutes.

Hiya @jamesrotering - just got your build timelimit bumped to almost 2 hours. Hope it helps!

Hey, thanks so much, this did help get us a few successful builds on the books.

Lately though a lot of our builds have been failing for various reasons. I should probably open a separate ticket for some of the issues, but a few in the last couple days have again timed out. This morning one started at 5:45 and timed out at 7:18 - 93 minutes. @fool is that to be expected w/ the “bumped to almost 2 hours”? Or is something else going on?

If you’re talking about this deploy: Deploy details | Deploys | uwalumni | Netlify as an example, you’d basically have to use Gatsby v5.11 or lower.