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Extend 15min max build time to 30min

Hi, i am having problem with the build time 15 min max control, my app will have thousands of image to process in Gatsby so it will take a lot of time to process. I am ok to pay for the extra minutes, and i saw the post from here Deploy error: Command did not finish within the time limit - #10 by expatguideturkey.off said you can extend the build time limit up to 30 mins if provide a credit card. I would like to know how can i also do this? Is it automatic extend to 30 min if a credit card is provided?

Extend to 30 min should be good enough for me

hi there, we can definitely extend the build time limit to more than 15 minutes if you add a credit card to your account, so that if you incur overages they can be automatically billed :slight_smile:

Best bet is to do that and then let us know here, and we’ll see about pulling a lever to extend the build timeout. :muscle:

Hi Perry, I have binded the credit card in my accunt, can you kindly follow up to extend my build time to 30min? thanks a lot.

hi frannnnk, i’d be happy to. What site name is this regarding?

hi perry site name is fervent-chandrasekhar-db1aeb
thanks a lot

@perry any update for the extend build time to 30min, seems still not applied?

Hi, @frannnnk, the build time limit has been extended to 30 minutes for that site.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Hi @luke, we’ve added a credit card to our account. Please can we have the build time limit extended to 30 minutes too?

The site is goodhere.netlify.app

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @benr. Done! :smiley:

H @luke, can you please also extend for adoring-panini-0a44e7?
Payment method is already added

Hi, @zylootino. The timeout has been increased to 30 minutes for adoring-panini-0a44e7. :+1:

Hi @luke please can you extend the build time for awesome-shaw-d375b7 ? There is a credit card on file.

Thank you!

hey there, we took care of it, @nathanoo! you now have a 30 min build limit.

Hey @TekVanDo,

I’ve uplifted the whole team to 30 minute timeouts. I hope this fits the bill! If not, let me know and we can make it exclusively for the two sites.

Could you please extend the timelimit to 30min for mystifying-hodgkin-7a9841. Credit Card is provided

All done, @retlaw! That’ll take effect from the next build on that site.

Hi Guys!

Have the same problem - may I ask to extend build time? I have just one team with one site, so I won’t type ID here :slight_smile: Ideally to 1 hr, because we want to test different approaches.

BTW. Looking at this thread I have two thoughts:

  1. I couldn’t find anything in the docs with regards to max build times.
  2. Wouldn’t it be cool to give user possibility to extend max build time by himself? :slight_smile: At least for paid accounts. At the end of the day we pay for those minutes anyway :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

Hi, @devfive. I filed a feature request for people to be able to change the default build timeout in the web app and updated the timeout for your site’s build to one hour.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Hi @luke, I also need a timeout increase to 30 mins for https://app.netlify.com/sites/angry-heyrovsky-d24724/

hey there, we took care of that for you!