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Self-service maximum build time limit

Adjusting the maximum build time is currently achieved by contacting support as per this thread:

This could reasonably be a self-service feature.

The “maximum build time” settings would:

  1. Only work when the account has valid payment details set (or advise them to add payment details)
  2. Let the user select the maximum build time from a set of options
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Howdy Nathan, super reasonable request! So reasonable, in fact, that we already have a feature request open to implement this into the UI. It looks like it is still in the planning phase - there are some considerations to, well, consider, such as making sure people don’t turn on super long builds with no credit card information present - but i do feel pretty hopeful we will be able to implement this.

upping people’s build times manually is not an ideal process for sure! I have added your comment to the feature request and will absolutely let you know if things change.

other folks - if you feel strongly that you want this feature, please leave a comment (not a like) below. the more need we (the support team ) can demonstrate, the more likely we can get this done! thanks all. :netliheart:

Thanks @perry.

I’ve never needed to increase the maximum build timeout myself, so it may be of limited real world benefit.

It just seemed like low hanging fruit to shift some workload off the support team and let them focus on tasks that can’t be as easily automated.

I couldn’t agree more! we’re super hoping it’ll get added to the UI soon.

by the way, if you happen to know any folks in the EU or UK hours who might want to join our support team, please encourage them to apply: