Export form submissions limited to 100 entries

I’m trying to export my form submissions from with the ‘Download as CSV’ button, but the CSV that’s downloaded only contains the 100 most recent entries. I know there are many, many more than that - my usage is showing 2700+ submissions for that form. How can I download the rest of them?

I’ve also noticed that only the 20 most recent submissions show in the Netlify Forms backend, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to page through the results to see previous ones.

If I recall correctly, this page used to have next/previous buttons on the bottom to get to previous results.

Is it possible something is broken here?

hey @danbetcher, we have shipped a fix for this. Can you verify whether you are or are not seeing the issue still?

Yes - it looks like everything is working as expected now - thanks very much for the quick resolution!

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