Increase function timeout, and some Forms feature requests

Hi, we need to up the functions timeout from 10s to the max (26s I think) for 2 pro accounts:





Secondly, we are implementing our own Download CSV feature and are hitting up a against a number of limitations. Please consider a few feature requests:

  1. The forms API should return total record count for the form, a common feature of pagination APIs. This would allow us to know how many records we are trying to fetch and adjust how aggressively we call the API.

  2. The 100-item limit is ok for pagination but way too low for a CSV download feature. Please consider increasing it to around 1000 or providing a more efficient CSV download endpoint. (I notice that even your panel makes 100-item queries in a loop but this is very slow for lots of form data, so even you guys could really use it!) The API also seems to rate-limit and reject after we query over 48k records. We don’t have that many records yet but to future-proof, we’ve resorted to making a Promise.all() batch query within a loop, really not ideal

  3. Please provide a sort_by input in the forms API!! Without this, our UI is constrained to only displaying form data by date, but our client would like to be able to sort (paginated records) by one of our human fields – name, email, contact preference, etc.

We are looking into migrating the data off of Netlify Forms due to these limitations but could easily continue working with it if any or all of these features were being considered. Got any plans for them? Thank you again.

Hey there, @mosesoak :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this. I have increased your functions timeout. Additionally, I have sent your feedback about our forms to the Product team. Should they have any additional feedback about your requests or any updates to share, they will follow up.

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