Email change notification bug

Hey team - don’t really need support but wanted to let you know that if you change your email address and you use email to log in to Netlify, you receive an email saying your password has changed. This is clearly incorrect. I understand that the two fields share a single form submit, but emails should be factual. Huge difference between changing email and password. Thanks!

hey @vio! Thanks a bunch for pointing this out. This is definitely something we’ll want to look at. We’ll be in touch here once we’ve had a change to look into this :slight_smile:

No problem! Happy to help. In the future, is there a better place to submit bugs that don’t actually require any support? Seems like bug submissions shouldn’t require signing up for a separate forum account, and really are just helping out Netlify :slight_smile: Thanks for the response @perry!

no, thank you for helping!

you can put things like this in the #admin section! That’s probably their more natural habitat. :+1:

hey @vio,

thanks again for reporting this.

We took a look at what you are describing, but we’re unable to reproduce.

If you see this issue again, or can find a way to reproduce this, can you let us know? We absolutely want to fix this asap if this is still occurring, but we can’t find the bug given the steps you mentioned.

thanks for your help - we super appreciate it.