Email Address Registered, but when trying to reset the password, email not found

I’m using the email for the same netlify account.
When I tried logging in for Github, it says account registered, login via email.
When I use forget password in email or try to signup, it says email not found.

Any help? This is not identity, I’m trying to login with the account.

hi there, is the email you are using for netlify the same one you are using for these forums,

afs****** ?

is there any chance you might have spelled it with a capital A somewhere? this can cause problems.

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Hello, yes that is the same email I use for netlify itself.

Tried using the recovery option: with the email. I received 0 emails to my email address. Any resolution?

Edit: Followed these steps: [Asked Frequently]: Logging In and these Can't login. "Authentication Error",
still didn’t work out.

hey there, so sorry you had so much trouble.

We took a closer look at your account, and you should be able to re-request a password reset now. That should get you back on track! if not, please let us know.

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