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[Asked Frequently]: Logging In

updated in September 2021

Are you trying to sign up or log in to Netlify and having an unexpectedly hard time? Here are some tips and tricks that might help.

  • Forgotten password? Visit https://app.netlify.com/login/forgot-password to reset it.
  • You might have been mistakenly marked as spam by our spam-bot. Bad bot! If you see the Netlify logo spinning around forever after trying to log in, this is likely what happened. But don’t worry! Just post here in our Admin section and someone from Netlify Support will help “un-spam” you as soon as we can.
  • If you use an ad-blocking-type browser plugin, it may inhibit our communication with our authentication service and prevent log in. Logging in using an incognito window without any browser extensions enabled is a good way to bypass this issue.
  • Our logins are case-sensitive. Check to make sure you aren’t capitalizing where you shouldn’t!
  • If you lost access to the GitHub account associated with your site, you can use the primary email address associated with your GitHub account to set a password on your Netlify account here: https://app.netlify.com/login/forgot-password. Then, you can log in with email instead of GitHub.
  • You need a strong password - at least 10 characters, some uppercase/lowercase/digits.
  • You should use the latest released version of a major browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. We are open to bug reports from other browsers and beta versions, but we’d ask you to always test with that latest release version as well as that is what we test with and what is officially supported.

If you still get an error when trying to set a password, please try setting/changing your password while you have the network tab of the developer tools in your browser open. Then, here in our Admin section, post a screen shot of the request and the response of the failing network request like the one below and we will try and help you out. From this we ESPECIALLY want to see the details for any requests shown in the developer tools in red (they will have HTTP status 4xx or 5xx).

Please don’t respond to this post if you have an issue not mentioned here, instead, please start a new one and we’ll try and assist as soon as we can. :+1:t2:

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