Downgrade to free plan just as pro ends to avoid service disruption


I had upgraded to pro in the middle of this billing cycle since I almost ran out of my 100GB bandwidth on my in this billing cycle. So I upgraded to Pro so that I had a few more GBs and not deal with disrupted service. I definitely do not need this additional GB for the coming billing cycle and I am hoping that I can go back to the free plan this coming billing cycle (which starts on May 10). Is there a way that I can be downgraded on May 9th at 11:59 PM so that I do not pay for the next billing cycle?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @murlax :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out! I have opened a Helpdesk ticket on your behalf so that you can speaking directly with our team about your billing needs and ending these payments. Please stay tuned to your email!