Automatic upgrade, is it permanent?

My sites form submissions are about to reach the limit and I see this message:

Scalable: This feature will upgrade levels automatically to fit your usage.

I would like to know if we do reach the limit and the automatic upgrade happens, is it a permanent shift, and we must pay for the pro plan indefinitely, or is it a one-time charge?

Hi @megant,

It will upgrade to the next level automatically and stay at that level until you downgrade. If you no longer require the next level of forms, you can downgrade at the end of the billing cycle for your account back to the free level.

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Hi Melvin,

Thanks for the info.
Does this also apply if we switch to “Pro” plan for a couple of months when we expect higher bandwidth usage? Can we downgrade anytime (at the end of the billing cicle) when we don’t need the extra bandwidth?

Hi @megant yes this does apply if you switch to “Pro” plan for a couple of months. You can always downgrade at the end of the cycle as long as outstanding charges are paid.

Here is a link to our pricing page: Netlify Pricing and Plans

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Thanks for that information, I always thought there’s no turning back once upgraded…it’s great to know!!!